Mount Diablo State Park

Mount Diablo is a State Park managed by the California Department of Parks and Recreation. It’s majestic summit of 3,849 feet watches over the East Bay communities and is visible from most of the San Francisco Bay Area.

If you are looking to get out of the house to experience a new adventure and be in nature, then perhaps Mount Diablo is the place to be.

You can drive the 17 miles up to the summit, take in the fresh air and breath-taking vistas, enjoy a picnic lunch, all in one afternoon without a lot of planning.

This park offers many trails for hiking and biking opportunities that you can repeat over and over and see something new throughout the seasons. Explore the valleys and waterfalls along the way.

Many tour companies offer additional ways to explore this East Bay treasure.   


Hang Gliding

If hang gliding is on your wish list, you can soar over Mount Diablo and see the San Francisco East Bay from a birds-eye view.  


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Rock Climbing

Mount Diablo offers several great rock climbing spots, including Boy Scout Rocks, Pine Canyon, and several more.

For the best information on Rock Climbing Mount Diablo, check out the Mountain Project info here.

Mountain Biking

Are you a beginner Mountain Biker or skilled veteran? Click here for an interactive map of the many biking trails on Mount Diablo with trails fit for any skill level. The trails are broken up by beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels and they provide information on how to reach the trail heads. 

If you love horses, explore Mount Diablo by horseback for a fun and different experience. This park genuinely offers so much to do for the residents below, you will always be able to find some new trail, valley, waterfall, or way to explore this amazing crown jewels of the San Francisco East Bay from Concord at its foothills.